Dinner at Dinner

Ok so I'm a little late to the party - Dinner opened last year but last night was my first experience of this seriously amazing restaurant.  I'll let the food - or pictures of - speak for itself.  Key points you need to know:

1    The service, food knowledge and attention to detail is second to none.

2    You'll learn things at Dinner - there is actual knowledge to take away inside the little menu folders.

3    There are 74 front of house staff and 45 chefs at Dinner.  Compared to 75 chefs at The Fat Duck it seems light I know, but that's how far they go.  Practically one chef per guest!

4    What I ate at Dinner:  I sampled the Meat Fruit (forced to share).  To start with I chose the Buttered Crab Loaf, for main I had the Chicken cooked with Lettuces, and for dessert I shared (again, not my choice) the Tipsy Cake.  I also had the Chocolate Ganache with Earl Grey and Caraway Biscuit (the last hurrah).

Meat Fruit and Buttered Crab Loaf.

Chicken cooked with Lettuces.

Tipsy Cake and Chocolate Ganache with Earl Grey and Caraway Biscuit.

Spiced Pigeon, Salamugundy and Black Foot Pork Chop.

Roast Marrow Bone and Brown Bread Ice Cream.

Menu Folders.

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