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Deminology’s Constance reviews the Goldsign Sissi Flare in Karina – which are an exclusive to Donna Ida in store and online.

Back with another review, and another amazing pair of flares here. These are called 'Sissi' from Goldsign which is another slightly more expensive brand retailing at £300 for this pair. When reviewing this pair of jeans I found it quite difficult to be fair and not compare them heavily to the pair of Mother denim 'the curfew' which I reviewed a few weeks back. The two styles are quite similar in their shape and style and due to the fact I fell in love so easily with the Mother denim pair it made it so much harder for this Goldsign style to impress me.

These jeans do fit beautifully on the leg; they are slim on the thigh and move into a really great shape flare at the bottom, which is very elongating on the legs. I do feel that the rise on these jeans although flattering on most people doesn't really work for me as it seems to make my hips look quite large in proportion, but then I am very fussy about jeans making my hips look big! One great point about the rise is that the back is higher than the front, meaning they fit nice and snugly against your back and you can avoid showing underwear when bending over or sitting down.

The feel of these jeans is amazing, they are super soft and comfortable and very easy to wear. The fabric content is 97% cotton and 3% spandex meaning they have great softness but still have a good amount of stretch to fit to your curves beautifully. You can afford to go one size smaller in this style, which is always a good point! These are a size 25 and fit me fine although usually I take a 26 in most styles.

This wash is called 'Karina' which is a medium blue and is a great colour for the approaching winter (its already feeling significantly colder in London). These would look gorgeous with a chic vintage blouse and heels or can be dressed down with a slouchy t-shirt and trainers, although due to their long length you may get scuffed hems without wearing heels.

Overall I would say these are a beautifully made and very easy to wear pair of jeans, but for the price they are sold at there are more affordable flares on the market right now, such as the pair I reviewed from Mother denim. And now I promise to stop preaching about those jeans...

The Goldsign Sissi Jeans reviewed here are available online from Donna Ida.

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