Denim Essentials from Paige

Paige Adams-Geller and Donna Ida Thornton discuss classic denim essentials that never go out of style.

This Morning we're off to see Paige to talk to her about her classic denim wardrobe.


Denim Essentials that are timeless, like never go out of style so I mean that every woman or girl needs to have in their closet, would be a great pair of white jeans and then when it comes to blue denim, the Jimmy Jimmy.

The Jimmy Jimmy short is one of my all time favourites, literally no matter what wash they have it in the medium blue is always the best because they look vintage and cool, they are the perfect little bit dropped down, comfy, rolled up, just easy breezy short that you can wear anywhere. If you're a little bit self conscious about your thighs you can always unroll it a little bit too. This is a perfect length and perfect shape to go anywhere. These are a couple of different washes in the Jimmy Jimmy short that you can wear all year round.

This wash is your all year round go-to 12 inch skinny jean but not too skinny. Even if you want to roll them up in the summer you can do that too. These are great all round, nice beautiful blue denim. These two are the classics that will live forever so if you want to make a good investment you would buy these because they will never go out of style.

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