Denim Decoded: Jeans and Jumpsuits By Body Type

Everyone deserves to feel confident, sexy and stylish, so we’ve created denim for every body. Find the perfect style to flatter your shape with our quick and easy guide.

Donna Ida Jeans

- Large bust and a great pair of legs - 

For the Apples among us we love a  slimmer style. Ivy, Rizzo and Kitty Kat in a darker wash, feature a high waist and finishes at the ankle to show off those pins. Flare lovers can look at Hope and Martha which have plenty of stretch and are fitted on the leg and flare at the ankle.

- Well defined waist and full hips -

For you perfect pears, we want to highlight those curves, with denim styles like Rizzo and Nancy. Just like our friends on the petite side, Norma is also the perfect shape to balance out those proportions. Pear shapes suit a wide flare such as our best-selling Kate shape which is nice and high to cinch at the waist.

- Long Legs - 

For the supermodels among us, we've got the perfect denim to hold, flatter and lengthen. Ivy is the perfect 34 inch leg length skinny jean. Taller girls always look fantastic in flares, the longer the better. Our Erica Straight Leg has a 38 inch leg which can be customised to your height. Minnie, Cassandra, Queenie and Violet are also great options to try. Taller girls can still wear crops, look to military inspired Angie Jumpsuit and Norma Jeans.

 Donna Ida
- Tall and Lean -

Whether you're after a barrel leg, boyfriend fit, or relaxed skinny jean to accentuate those long and lean legs, we've got the style for you. Jumpsuits are a great option for boyish figures, so try Dolly, Sadie and Angie for a cool, laid-back look. Boyish shapes also look great in flares so look at Hope, Minnie, Kate and Martha teamed with flats for a chic daytime look. Ella, Rizzo and Claudia are the dream team to style your shape.

Donna Ida
- Hips and bust are equal with your waist narrower than both - 

Enhancing those curves has never been easier with Queenie, Violet, Kate and Minnie flares. High waist styles are beautiful and dramatic when adding shape to your silhouette, try Rizzo or Kitty Kat. Why not also try Angie and Cassandra jumpsuits and the Claudia barrell shaped jean?

- Short Body, Short Legs - 

For those that come in smaller proportions Rizzo, Kitty Kat, Nancy and Norma were simply made to cinch you at the waist to create the ultimate hourglass silhouette. For jumpsuits, you'll adore Angie. If you like a flare, try Kate and Martha.

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