Denim CV: PR & Marketing Manger Claire Etchell.

Name: Claire Etchell

Job Role: PR & Marketing Manager

What does your current job involve?
Lots of things! I promote designer denim heaven Donna Ida (the brand) and Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton (the person). So this includes speaking to the press and bloggers to pitch new products or story ideas, working with the brands we stock for samples or content for our blog, plus looking at strategy for our social media…Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+…we’re on them all.

What are your biggest achievements?
I think going travelling after university was one of my biggest achievements (and one of the best things I have ever done!). Work wise, I’m a Northern girl so just finding a PR job in fashion was an achievement in itself…I always knew I would eventually move to London…and here I am! Also I always seem to be working with celebrities in one form or another, so I am really proud of all the launches, events and photo shoots which I’ve organised.

When/what was your big break?
I guess getting my first job as PR & Marketing Co-ordinator at footwear retailer Moda in Pelle was a pretty big step in the right direction. I thought it was heaven, working with amazing shoes and seeing what I could do with no budget. I met so many people at Moda in Pelle that I am still great friends with today. Other than that, my big break was probably while I was Senior PR Manager for nursery brand Mamas & Papas…the day I spotted Jessica Alba dressing her little girl in clothes I had sent her, I knew I could do it!

What is the best part of the job?
Meeting people: journalists, celebrities or other PR and marketing teams. It’s always interesting to see how we can work together. My job is not as glamorous as people think, but every now and again there’s something really fun! Like an event, and that makes all the hard work worth it. Plus I get to be around exciting clothes, I like that bit a lot!

What is your past experience?
I studied English at The University of Leicester and from there I started at Moda in Pelle as Brand Support Administrator where I worked my way up. After five years, I moved to the Mamas & Papas PR team where I looked after clothing and celebrities. I moved to London last year to become a Donna Ida girl.

What are your everyday essentials?
I am a huge J Brand fan and I am in love with the Major and the 811 styles. I wear them with Splendid Tees and heels.

What is your best industry advice?
My dad always says: ‘There are two kinds of people in life, people who let things happen, and people who make things happen’…I always try to be the kind of person that makes things happen!

Claire Etchell is PR & Marketing Manager for Donna Ida and also writes for NakedPRGirl.

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