Denim CV: Guildford's Assistant Manager, Tash


Natasha Anne Cobham

Job Role

Guildford's Assistant Manager

What does your current job involve?

My job is to assist Cecilia the Store manager in every aspect - and trust me, there's lots of aspects! But mainly it is to make women feel great in jeans. The whole styling side of my job is what I love. It’s great when a woman comes in and asks for your help; she hasn't shopped in years, and she's lost a sense of herself. I love to help her find it again.

Another element of my everyday job role is to keep the shop looking as good as it did the day we opened. Cecilia and I secretly love to clean and fold - which has been a Godsend.

 What are your biggest achievements?

Attaining a job I enjoy. To be honest with you, I thought I was going to be one of those people who just aren't born to work. Since working for Donna Ida however, that has all changed.

When/What was your big break?

Bagging myself an apprenticeship with Donna Ida two summers ago. Fresh out of fashion college, I walked into the Belgravia Head Office and instantly knew I was going to love it. Like a sponge I soaked up all the knowledge I possibly could within the short 3 months. I was then recruited to open the newest of the stores in Guildford.

What is the best part of the job?

Our customers are fab. I’ve built some great relationships with the women of Surrey since opening the Guildford boutique in December 2010. But the absolute best is making our customers feel better about themselves within the short time in our store. It's amazing what a pair of jeans and a smiling face can do!!

What is your past experience?

Prior to Donna Ida I studied Fashion Buying, Styling and Design at Farnham UCA. To make a tiny bit of a wage, I did part time work at the high street store, Next. A far cry from Donna Ida, but a great insight into the world of retail.

What are your everyday essentials?

I never like to be under prepared, so am always armed with a full bag of make up, containing Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Dior Blackout mascara and my L'Occitane lip balm - (so good for your lips, and lasts forever).

As well as this, in the past season my Merlot Minnie Rose Ruffle Shawl found permanent residency around my neck; so so warm and cosy. And I have a feeling my new Stella McCartney Big Border Scarf in Pale Grey will be doing much the same during the coming months!

And my new best friend is my iPad - Lord only knows how I managed without her before!

What is your best industry advice? 

Believe in yourself. Self-belief is a massive thing; if you don't believe in yourself who else will? And hey, you might just surprise yourself!!

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