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Carmen Haid is a Vintage Fashion Curator and Luxury Brand Specialist with a beautifully curated Instagram account full of pieces from her heavenly world. We first interviewed Carmen back in 2014 with our Vintage Queen Style Insider where she shared her magnificent wardrobe and home in Maida Vale. This time, we chat to her in lockdown about her life, her temple of treasures and love of Donna Ida jumpsuits.

Carmen Haid in vintage 1970s Givenchy dress photo by @clementjolin

Carmen wears vintage 1970s Givenchy dress photo by @ClementJolin


Donna Ida: Tell us your biggest lockdown achievement

Running a school and a boutique hotel and still be friends with your family.

Love this Casablanca Tennis Club jacket

"Love this Casablanca Tennis Club jacket"
Carmen Haid


Donna Ida: If you could be locked down with anyone – not including your friends and family who would it be and why?

The Philosopher Alan Watts to discuss human consciousness. 

 Carmen's House Temple

Carmen's House Temple


Donna Ida: Show us your favourite ‘moment’ in your home.  What do you look at every day that makes you happy, it can be a thing, a person, or just a corner of your home.

For good vibes: it is my house temple full of treasures collected from special places from all over the world.

My Pierre Vandel desk corner with vintage Eileen Gray lamp, Bauhaus Thonet chair with the Pole Star, holistic artwork by Julette Balland and Claudia Galante, vintage mid century stool by Modernarium

There are a few favourite ‘moments’ in my home. Another one is my vintage Pierre Vendel desk corner, with an Eileen Gray lamp, a Bauhaus Thonet chair, a mid century vintage stool by Modernarium and The Pole Star, a holistic art work by Juliette Balland and Claudia Galante. The texture of copper and crystal creates a biochemical reaction and cleans the space.

Summer corner at home with vintage Four Seasons YSL artwork

Love my owl painting by Sophie Grandval

"Love my owl painting by Sophie Grandval"
Carmen Haid


Donna Ida: We all buy beautiful clothes, handbags and accessories that we love but never seem to use.  

I love this vintage 1970s Givenchy silk dress with black shoulder lace detail, it’s been with me for so many years and each time I dig it out, it works. I also love the casual Breton top by Sundry, teamed with earrings by Belmacz, a silk hairband and a velvet crossbody bag by Born In The Sun. 

CH in Sundry Breton top, hairband and crossbody bag by Born in the Sun, earrings by Belmacz

Carmen wears Sundry Breton top, hairband and crossbody bag by Born in the Sun, earrings by Belmacz

Donna Ida: Can we see your daily denim – what jeans are you wearing all the time right now.  

I love my Donna Ida jumpsuits in all colours - my current favourite is the white one, Dolly in Milk and Le High Skinnies in all colours by FRAME denim. 

Perfect NYC getaround - my scooter by @boosted shoes by @jeromedryfuss bag by @cortomoltedo vintage leopard scarf jeans by @Frame

"Perfect NYC get-around - my scooter by @boosted, shoes by @jeromedryfuss, bag by @cortomoltedo vintage leopard, scarf jeans by Frame."

Carmen Haid

Donna Ida: If you could design a Donna Ida jean/jumpsuit or ready to wear item what would it be called?

Carmen Miranda of course, haha.

Carmen Haid Donna Ida Dolly Flight Suit Jumpsuit Milk White

Carmen wears Dolly the Flight Suit in Milk

Donna Ida: What is the first thing you’ll do when you get out?

Book a plane ticket.

Donna Ida: We’ll all get back to the airport at some point, when you do, what is the destination that will be on your boarding pass?

Europe. First stop London. 

Donna Ida: Before we go, can you share a photo of your lockdown companions if you are lucky enough to have some!

My other half artist @ClementJolin and Lucky our new puppy dachshund. 

My Lockdown companions Clement Jolin and Lucky the dachshund

Follow Carmen on Instagram:  @carmenhaid

Visit Carmen's website here: Carmen Haid 


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