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Peony Lim is one of the UK's top fashion bloggers, with a wardrobe jammed with vintage Hermes and Chanel pieces to die for. Peony posts about everything from fashion to mouth-watering pictures of homemade comfort food; the truffle macaroni recipe looks delicious! We flicked through her latest style file photos and found our denim favourites from boyfriend jeans to skinnies, Peony has her own chic style nailed. One tip we've taken from her is that you can't go wrong with denim, a tailored jacket and stiletto heels. Since starting her blog Peony has collaborated with many brands including LA brand J Brand, so it was about time that Donna Ida had a little chat with Peony about her successes in the blogging world.

peony lim for donna idaPeony wears J Brand Jeans. Get the look J Brand for Donna Ida Major Skinnies (Image from

DONNA IDA: We love your name, how did you decide what to call your blog/business?

Peony Lim: 'It’s just my name so it was a simple choice really.'

DONNA IDA: Where did you study?

Peony Lim: 'I did a fashion foundation course at Wimbledon Art School and then a BA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute.'

DONNA IDA: How important is it to create yourself as a brand?

Peony Lim: 'It’s important to me for my readers to know what my style is and what brands and looks I embody. I think it has to be authentic and natural not forced.'

peony lim for donna idaTo create this look  try IDA Jeanie Cigarette Jeans, Each X Other shirt and  Current/Elliott Cadet Jacket. (Image from

DONNA IDA: How has your degree helped you to get where you are now?

Peony Lim: 'It's helped with location really. I would never have been at Somerset House for London Fashion Week if my university wasn't in Somerset House. So it has everything and nothing to do with it.'

DONNA IDA: What do you love about street style pictures?

Peony Lim: 'I love the movement and colour a great street style photo can create.'

DONNA IDA: Where’s your favourite place to shoot your street style pictures?

Peony Lim: 'I tend to shoot around Kensington.'

peony lim for donna idaGet the look: Mother Looker Ankle crop skinny turned up, with a Rose & Rose print scarf and the Pyrus printed Union Jacket. (Image from

DONNA IDA: How has your idea of the fashion industry changed since you started your blog?

Peony Lim: 'I think, as with everything, you loose your idealism and face more realism. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Sometimes reality is better than you could ever have imagined.'

DONNA IDA: What’s your first love: food or fashion?

Peony Lim: 'Hard choice. I guess we all choose the food before we are able to choose fashion. I love both.'

DONNA IDA: What’s your biggest achievement since starting your blog?

Peony Lim: 'I think it sounds really simple but having readers come up to me and say 'hi', that's amazing.'

peony lim for donna ida

Get Peony's look with IRO with the Cortez Crop in Light Grey, Vendela Tee and Luiga Leather Jacket. (Image from

DONNA IDA: Do you think Tim Walker’s photographs inspire your wardrobe?

Peony Lim: 'Not really. I love his work but it is too whimsical to be everyday. I love his sense of fantasy.'

DONNA IDA: What inspired you to start doing city guides on your blog?

Peony Lim: 'I wanted to share what I love, the same reason I have posted about anything really.'

DONNA IDA: What’s your favourite vintage piece from your own collection and why?

Peony Lim: 'A pair of dark brown linen Hermes shorts my mother passed down to me.'

DONNA IDA: Your success on the blogging scene has been huge! What advice would you give to fellow bloggers to increase their audience and an aspiring blogging star?

Peony Lim: 'Be true to yourself, it's the only way to be original and to be the best.'

peony lim for donna idaDouble denim: IDA Ivy Skinny Jeans in Ice Bright Vintage and Current/Elliott Denim Snap Jacket. (Image from

DONNA IDA: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Peony Lim: 'Yes, when I was a child I used to change my outfit so many times a day my mother had to set a limit to save on washing!'

DONNA IDA: So give us a sneak into your daily life, what is your typical working day?

Peony Lim: 'There isn’t really a normal day, there are types of normal days… office computer day, shoot day, meetings day, travel, fashion week day etc.'

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Peony Lim: 'Stop worrying about everything. Oh and get a dog, you will love it.'

peony lim for donna idaPeony wears the perfect transition outfit from Winter into Spring; an asymmetrical skirt and a big cosy sweater - like Minnie Rose's Cashmere knit with ankle boots. (Image from

DONNA IDA: What’s your denim staple for this SS14 and how will you be styling it?

Peony Lim: 'I love white jeans, although I think the fit and density of the fabric has to be perfect. I love them with a pale blue shirt and Roger Vivier sandals.'

DONNA IDA:What’s your favourite season style wise and why?

Peony Lim: 'I love the in-between seasons; Autumn and Spring. You can have bare legs but boots and coats, thats the best.'

DONNA IDA: What are your wardrobe staples for a weekend city break?

Peony Lim: 'Jeans, skinny normally, ankle boots, white shirt, birkin and a blazer.'

DONNA IDA: If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be doing now?

Peony Lim: 'Maybe working in Ecommerce.'

DONNA IDA: What’s next?

Peony Lim: 'Endless evolution I hope.'

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