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Tala Samman's MyFashDiary is a must-read style blog which has amassed over 40,000 followers on her delightfully colourful Instagram. MyFashDiary is one of those positive, life affirming blogs which just makes you smile. Which is not surprising given that Tala has decided firstly, that her blog will look at style rather than fashion (so real wearable clothes) and secondly will not contain anything negative (hurrah for that!). Yet she has plenty to be positive about as she's currently living in beautiful Dubai and has a wardrobe full of beautiful pieces. We caught up with Tala to find out how she made it in the blogging world.


DONNA IDA: We love your name, how did you decide what to call your blog?

Tala Samman: 'It started off as a fashion diary for my friends five years ago, where I would share my experiences of travelling with my mom as the face of Nina Ricci and as a fashion student at the London College of Fashion. My fashion diary was taken on blogspot, so I ended up going for MyFashDiary - simple as that!'

DONNA IDA:  You use the line 'Fashion is what others declare is in. Style is what you declare is in.' - is it important for you that people create their own style?

Tala Samman: 'There are so many types of trends that come out - things that work with one's taste and things that don't. Things that work with some people's bodies and some don't. So it's incredibly important to find what works for you rather than the model in the magazine.'

 Tala Samman, MyFashDiary, IDA Mabel, skinny jeans, blue jeans, denim, jeans, Donna Ida, fashionTala wears IDA Mabel Ankle Slim in Bright Vintage turned up with sandals and a denim shirt

DONNA IDA: You were born in Chicago, live in Dubai now and lived in London previously, how does fashion and style differ between them?

Tala Samman: 'As a constant traveller and one that has lived in several different places, I find it easy to adapt. Each of those cities - Chicago, Dubai and London have different styles. I just pick up what I like and make it my own. I tend to slightly dress a little different depending on where I am, the weather and how I'm feeling! London definitely makes me feel grungy, Dubai is a lot more glamourous and Chicago brings out the simplicity and casualness in me.

DONNA IDA: Your success on the blogging scene has been huge! What advice would you give to fellow bloggers to increase their audience?

Tala Samman: 'Be original, talk about things you believe it. It sounds cheesy but people see what's within.'

 Tala Samman MyFashDiary, IDA Mabel, skinny jeans, blue jeans, jeans, denim, Donna Ida, fashion Tala teams her IDA Mabel with a printed top, pointed courts and structured bag

DONNA IDA: Are there anytimes when you can’t think of anything to post?

Tala Samman: 'Luckily no, I'm a super curious person that's always on the go, I find myself editing a lot!'

DONNA IDA: Will Fashion always be a big part of your life?

Tala Samman: 'Yes, but as I've grown older, naturally - I'm a lot more interested in a balanced life hence my site moving into the lifestyle direction with still a prominent fashion and beauty section.'

DONNA IDA: So give us a sneak peak into your daily life, what is your typical working day?

Tala Samman: 'It is never the same, and that's what I love the most. I could be shooting one day, sitting on the computer for 12 hours straight the next, in a design meeting one day, and travelling the next.'

Tala Samman, MyFashDiary, IDA Rizzo Ankle Skinny in Milk, white jeans, skinny jeans, denim, jeans, Donna Ida, fashionTala wears Rizzo IDA Ankle Skinny in Milk with a classic top

DONNA IDA:  What do you think is the future of fashion?

Tala Samman: 'I see it as a lot more accessible with a wider audience. Everyone is interested in fashion these days.'

DONNA IDA: We always seem to be discussing the changing roles of bloggers, especially with fashion week, where do you stand?

Tala Samman: 'Like every industry, there are good and bad bloggers - and these days everyone is starting a blog so this is a difficult one.'

DONNA IDA: Where is your favourite place you've traveled to?

Tala Samman: 'South Africa, I've met the kindest people and we stayed at Kirkman's camp which was just beautiful.'

Tala Samman, MyFashDiary, IDA Rizzo, skinny jean, white jeans, denim, Donna Ida, fashionFor daytime, Tala wears a striped knit with her IDA Rizzo in Milk skinny jeans

DONNA IDA: What do your friends think of your blogger lifestyle?

Tala Samman: 'Luckily, all my friends work in different industries - so we never really talk about it. I'm lucky to spoil friends with great experiences through my blog - taking them out to reviews and even getting my best friend (who's a major Kardashian fan) to meet Kim at a press conference in Dubai!'

DONNA IDA: Which brand would you love to work with?

Tala Samman: 'I've been lucky to work with ones I love... but possibly something like Apple would be exciting!'

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Tala Samman: 'Don't stress about the future because passions come when you least expect them to!'

DONNA IDA: If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be doing now?

Tala Samman: 'Styling and working as a 2nd grade teacher.'

DONNA IDA: What’s next?

Tala Samman: ' turns five this fall and coming out with a whole new look!'
Written by Claire Etchell PR & Marketing Manager at Donna Ida and blogger for NakedPRGirl.

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