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Emily Johnston is the tall, beautiful founder of the brilliant fashion blog FashionFoieGras which she started in order to force feed us fashion daily. She is also one of the nicest people in fashion, and it's her all-American easy breezy style mixed with her hardworking attitude that has taken her to the top of her game. She's our style and hair crush (have you ever seen such a glossy mane), and she knows a thing or two about fashion so we were beyond excited when she proclaimed the IDA Ivy Skinny Jeans the Amazing Ass Jeans. So when we were lucky enough to grab a few seconds with the hardest working blogger in fashion, we had a few burning fashion questions for her.

Fashion Foie Gras

Donna Ida: We love the FashionFoieGras name, how did you decide what to call your blog?

Emily Johnston: 'At the time it was so named because of the idea that the blog would be force-feeding news daily. It’s come to evolve to be a name that encompasses all I write about  - a luxury lifestyle in general.'

Donna Ida: Where did you study? How did you get to where you are now? How did you get your big break?

Emily Johnston: 'I studied in the USA and actually got my degree in Art History. I worked in PR for ten years at an auction house and started the blog one day thinking I wanted to do something more. Still waiting on the big break ;)'

Donna Ida: Your success on the blogging scene has been huge. What advice would you give to fellow bloggers to increase their audience and become an aspiring blogging star?

Emily Johnston: 'Don’t be afraid of hard work. I’ve given FashionFoieGras all I have to give every minute since I started it five years ago. It’s become like a third arm. Ha ha. Ok, that sounds weird. I just think if you really want to succeed you will. Easy as that.'

Donna Ida: Our favourite features on your blog is your 'Covers' (with all the latest fashion front covers) and your 'Outfit du Jour' - how did you come up with these? Would you say these are your USP?

Emily Johnston: 'Yeah Outfit du Jour is pretty popular, isn’t it? I love that. I came up with the idea based on the fact that we are all different sizes. The outfit is laid out like a pile of clothes to give the look and feel of an ensemble without showing it on a one sized model. It’s meant to be a look for everyone, not just the lucky stick insects out there.'

Donna Ida: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Emily Johnston: 'Yes, for as long as I can remember. I used to play dress up in my grandmother’s attic with all her fancy dresses from the 40s and 50s that she had saved for me. I am also an addict of all glossy magazines. Have been reading them since I was old enough to know how to read.'

Donna Ida: Give us a sneak into your daily life, what is your typical working day?

Emily Johnston: 'There is no typical working day. That’s the honest truth. The only thing typical is that it’s never shorter than an 18 hour day.'

Donna Ida: What do you think is the future of fashion?

Emily Johnston: 'I think 3D printing will change a lot. Not sure how that will pan out but I’m eager to see how it will effect the industry. In truth, I think fashion will continue to operate in a cyclical fashion. Trends will continue to recirculate and we’ll all hold our head in our hands and wish we hadn’t given away “that piece” all those years ago.'

Donna Ida: We always seem to be discussing the changing roles of bloggers, especially with fashion week, where do you stand?

Emily Johnston: 'I do love Fashion Week but I do question whether or not I’m even relevant there. I love being able to share great things to buy here and now. Fashion Week can be so frustrating as you are sharing items that won’t be available for six months. The high street tends to pick things up so quickly these days that we’ve already had the trend before the designers have actually gone into production with the trend they created in the first place… if that all makes sense.'

Donna Ida: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Emily Johnston: 'Sleep now, you’ll need it saved up for later.'

Donna Ida: If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be doing now?

Emily Johnston: 'I’d still be doing PR in the auction world, most likely, or a mom. Who knows?'

Donna Ida: What’s next?

Emily Johnston: 'Probably becoming a mom. Haha. Maybe a mom fashion blog? Would that make me a mummy blogger?'

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