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Our cute pal Andy at Denimology has reviewed one of our best kept sale secrets- the Siwy Hannah in Bitten. This jean is seriously cool, and Andy makes it look even cooler! Read her review below.


Love Secret Squirrel xx

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There is finally sunshine in London! Although its still absolutely freezing I'm counting my blessings for the little bit of warmth that elusive sun is giving us, especially when I'm hearing reports from friends that it is beach weather over in California.

A new year’s resolution of mine is to go out with friends more, and a perfect pair of jeans to do that in are these Siwy Rose Jeans in Bitten. I don't think I have ever seen a cooler wash on a pair of jeans. The black and charcoal snakeskin print instantly dresses up even the most bland ensemble, and with just a hint of glimmer in the pattern they remain understated. I think these jeans beg to be worn on a night out, they're a perfect blend of tough and sexy and look amazing with heels. I paired them here with sparkly black pumps and a fitted blazer to accentuate both the feminine and masculine side of this pair of jeans.

They fit like jeggings; the denim is soft, thin, stretchy and hugs your legs with surprising comfort. So often with jeans as tight as these I spend more time trying to get them on than wearing them, but these slip on without any effort at all. They are pretty long (when I first put them on they pulled well past my heel) so I tugged them up and scrunched them at the ankle, a look I personally like best with high pumps. The only complaint I would have is that the waist was a bit tight in comparison to the perfect fit of the legs, but this could well be a result of all the Christmas pudding my grandma made. I think one of my favourite aspects of these jeans is the raised detailing of the logo on the back pocket. It's almost undetectable in the snake skin pattern but is a nice surprise when you do notice it, which is what I like the best. I think the tiny details like this are what make certain jeans so special.

Siwy was launched in 2005 by Michelle Siwy, almost instantly gaining popularity for their trendy and unique styles. They are a flattering, figure conscious line that has gained plenty of celebrity followers including Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson and Megan Fox. This was another line I had not heard of before this review but after looking through their collection I fell in love with their refreshing and eclectic mix of patterns, washes, cuts and styles, and I know now that Siwy is a brand I will certainly stay on the lookout for in 2011!

siwy bitten

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