Behind the Seams Interview with Sundry's Matthieu Le Blan

“These are clothes to live, travel, laugh and love.” This is the motto of Matthieu Le Blan, the owner and creative director of Sundry. The carefree spirit of the French artist is at the heart of the Sundry brand. New for SS15, the T-Shirt brand from the USA joins Donna Ida's roster of designers bringing an ethos which embraces diversity and defines individuality. Sundry reflects free thinkers and a spirited lifestyle so expect to find easy shapes, sporty prints and cool colours to pair with casual boyfriend jeans.

SundryCreator of Sundry, Matthieu Le Blan

Sundry tees and jersey pieces are are cool and classic or embrace the slogans trend, bringing a glimpse of Southern Californian attitude to London. Wear them with cute denim shorts like these IDA Beach Bum Dazzler for the full Venice Beach vibe.

Donna Ida IDA Beach Bum Dazzler Urban Cashmere Sundry Weekend Top Warm Me Aron Stripe Hat fashion SS15 LondonIDA Beach Bum Dazzler, Urban Cashmere Sundry Weekend Top, Warm-Me Aron Stripe Hat

We interviewed creator Matthieu Le Blan to find out more about his life and the inspiration behind Sundry.

DONNA IDA: How did you get started?

Matthieu Le Blan: I was a graphic designer for a long time and was sick and tired of being in front of a computer all day so I made a change.

DONNA IDA: Where is your Head Office?

Matthieu Le Blan: Los Angeles, California.

DONNA IDA: What inspires you?

Matthieu Le Blan: Childhood family photo albums.

DONNA IDA: What is your business mantra?

Matthieu Le Blan: Focus!


DONNA IDA: If you weren’t the founder of Sundry what would you do?

Matthieu Le Blan: Live on the beach in Bali.

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Matthieu Le Blan: It is a very difficult business so it's hard to encourage people to get in it. Grow a thick skin and get ready to fight.

DONNA IDA: Who is your denim icon?

Matthieu Le Blan: The original Charlie's Angels in high-waisted jeans.

DONNA IDA: Where in the world are girls best dressed? What kind of style do you admire?

Matthieu Le Blan: Parisienne girls don't try too hard - I like that about them.

DONNA IDA: Where do you see the future of denim?

Matthieu Le Blan: Everything comes and goes in cycles. So if we don't see as much denim now, it'll pop back up again.

DONNA IDA: Which style of jeans are your favourite?

Matthieu Le Blan: Vintage APC.

DONNA IDA: Where is your hometown?

Matthieu Le Blan: Aix-en-Provence, France.

DONNA IDA: Where is your favourite place to unwind?

Matthieu Le Blan: At the beach surfing.

DONNA IDA: What’s on your iPod at the moment?

Matthieu Le Blan: Chilly Gonzales, Nils Frahm, Yumi Zouma, The War on Drugs, Metronomy and Caribou to name a few.

DONNA IDA: What’s your favourite food?

Matthieu Le Blan: Sushi

DONNA IDA: Where do you like to shop?

Matthieu Le Blan: Mr. Porter and Need Supply are favourites.

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