Behind the Jeans with James Jeans designer Seun Lim

We go behind the jeans with James Jeans designer Seun Lim.
Who is your Denim Icon?

In my eyes there is no specific Denim Icon – instead I look at every woman as my denim icon. I love observing women of all kinds and taking note of their individual, personal styles.

Where in the world are girls best dressed? / What kind of style do you admire?

I am inspired by observing the unique styles of all different cultures. Whether it’s the flaunting bold style of a strong Italian women, the mixy-matchy funk-tified style of the youth culture in Japan or the self-assured, indescribably sophisticated Parisian style – always subtle, uncontrived and effortless. I recognise and appreciate each one for its special characteristics that make it their own.

Where do you see the future of denim?

For one, I see a strong emphasis on the ultimate fit – women are more conscious about what they are spending money on and in turn much more particular about the jeans they buy. Premium denim will have met our sophisticated customer’s strictest criteria – everything from fit, wash, hardware, and styling must be nothing less than top notch. Quality will always come out on top. There is also a growing emphasis on environment-friendly wash techniques. Many factories are re-thinking how certain wash techniques may be affecting the environment. For instance, utilsing laser techniques rather than stone washing they are able to cut water use by 50%.

Which style of jean is your favourite?

Well, I probably have a new fave every week but right now I am in love with my Twiggy Velveteen's. I am completely obsessed! These make me feel extremely comfortable and slim at the same time. Throughout the week they are my complete day to night jean. For day, I pair them with my favourite booties; at night, I simply switch to heels for a more glamorous night out. On weekends you will usually find me in my Playgirl Slim Leg Ultra Flares. They pair fantastically with everything from my loose jersey sweater to my button-up shirts or blazers. They have a unique retro feeling that I am in love with!

Where is your hometown?

Seoul, Korea

Where is your favourite place to unwind?

After my work out I usually end up in the Jade room at my gym. So relaxing and it completely clears my mind. Of course a massage is always welcome and appreciated as well!

What's on your ipod at the moment?

Hmm so much but at this very moment I must admit Lil Wayne's "How to Love"

Where do you like to shop?

West Third Street in West Hollywood is a great little down-to-earth shopping pocket. One of my favorite shops there is Milk. It has everything from Dianne Von Furstenberg dresses to Derek Lam jackets, beauty products, jewellery, books and plenty of little trinkets for unique gifts. It’s literally a one stop shop for a jet setter like me. For the ultimate vintage find, I go to Decades on Melrose. It has daily arrivals of pristine dresses from Chanel, Pucci, Givenchy or Valentino, just to name a few.

Where's your ultimate holiday destination?

In the winter, Las Ventanas in Mexico. It’s private, remote and it doesn’t even have a sign! It is the ultimate getaway destination where I can leave all of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles behind and relax on a milky-white private beach that stretches for miles.

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