Behind The Jeans - Nicole Richie

We go behind the jeans with Winter Kate founder, Nicole Richie.

What does your job involve?

My job ranges from creating the initial overall theme of the season, to developing fabrics and sketching to sampling and fitting.  I am extremely involved in the design process of both my brands, Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960.  In addition to concepting/designing, I am always kept up to date with any goings on from lookbooks to selling and marketing initiatives.

What do you look for in a brand?

I love the idea of being able to transform yourself through the way you dress so I look for individuality and creativity in any brand.

How did you break into the industry?

I knew I wanted to develop a lifestyle brand, it was just a matter of time for me to get all the right items placed in position before spearheading it.

What are your everyday essentials?

My House of Harlow 1960 Kye shoes come everywhere with me, they are super and so comfortable. The Winter Kate dresses are effortless and can be worn any day of the week.

How do you wear your denim?

Denim is always a good item to use when you want to break up an outfit, to add a little colour and texture to your look.

Favourite denim brand?

I love vintage Levi’s.

Who is your style icon?

My Mother.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

To be true to yourself at all times.

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