Behind the Jeans Interview with Rag & Bone founder Marcus Wainwright

Behind the Jeans with Marcus Wainwright from Rag & Bone.

Who is your Denim Icon?

It’s just too predictable I’m afraid.....Steve McQueen.

Where in the world are girls best dressed?

New York!!

What kind of style do you admire?

I obviously love English style, it is timeless and classic. But then Japanese style is also incredibly inspiring.

Where do you see the future of denim?

The future of denim will probably be much like its’ past, timeless. In the near future though I see us focusing on the most pure of all 5 pocket jeans...and then some more fashion styles that work back to our collection.

Which style of jean is your favourite?

Skinny low-rise!

Where is your hometown?

New York city

Where is your favourite place to unwind?

Any beach....

What's on your iPod at the moment?

Dispel Dances by Anstam.

Where do you like to shop?

I don’t really shop...apart from maybe buying stuff I don’t need on eBay...

Where is your ultimate holiday destination?


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