Angela Radcliffe's Guide to Style: White Jeans

So. White jeans are the new 'must-have' in the denim department. I'm always so unsure about this trend! I get visions of white jeans badly accessorised with pink and too much jewellery - or worn by people who dress too young for their age! So it is with great trepidation that I try to tackle the 'white jean stigma'.


J Brand Indigo Skinny in White.  (Coming soon) Current/Elliott Captain Roller Short in Sugar. Current/Elliott The Roller in Sugar.

That being said, I did spot a photo of a super chic stylist sporting white jeans with cool ankle boots, a white Tee and a beaten up old leather jacket. She looked totally hip and uncontrived.  I loved how her jeans were a little slouchy and casual, this made them look a bit edgy and very flattering. It gives a fresh white summery sporty feel, minus the thigh-rumpling tight fit. They're also set to be big for winter with lots of designers featuring white in the Autumn/Winter collections.

There are quite a few styles to choose from, including super-cute white denim cut-offs, but my favourite was the Current/Elliott Roller in Sugar. Gorgeous soft denim. They just skimmed my legs and were a little loose over the bottom.
They are really fun and definitely a must for next season! I don't get those bad visions so much anymore!

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