Angela Radcliffe's Guide to Style: Evening Jeans

How the boundaries of denim have changed.  The word 'denim' no longer means blue jeans - it can be cotton, stretch, faux leather, cord, waxed, many options, so many colours. For an evening out, black is the best. There is a huge selection of black on the denim market in a wide range of fabrics - the choices are endless!


J Brand Leather in Black and Siwy Hannah in Black Velvet (coming soon)

I was thrilled with the Goldsign Lure in Position as you had the style and cut of a denim jean with a softness unlike any other. You will fall in love with them - they are unreal on your legs! I was also drawn to the Current/Elliott Dapper Trouser as the formality of the fabric gives an illusion of modern tailoring. Perfect for the evening, just tuck in a By Malene Birger blouse and go.



You can now go to a fab restaurant or club and get past the doorman wearing 'jeans', and let's face it, well cut jeans are more flattering than trousers, plus they're cheaper and you can wear them during the day too - it's a win win situation!

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