Angela Radcliffe - Your Guide to the 70s


Lauren Hutton always did it for me when I was growing up.....uncontrived, free, outdoorsy, sporty, blonde and big white wide smile (opposite of me).  She epitomised 70s glossy cool from Vogue to Charlie perfume adds and she usually wore a flare.


Flares come and go every few years and I am always a little undecided.  This season however I really do think they are looking good.  I bought my Current/Elliot 'Patriot' jeans,  ready to give it a whirl.

Angela Radcliffe Dunn

They are much easier to asscssorise than I thought they would be - channel that 70s vibe with a floppy hat, wedge/clog or open toed sandal.  They are so leg-lengthening when teamed with a cropped jacket and look super Hollywood cool when worn with a little fur jacket. I remember seeing a girl in the South of France last summer and she was wearing hers with a string bikini top and looked amazing!   Roll on Summer!


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