Angela Radcliffe - Your Guide to St Tropez

One of my favourite ways to close my summer holidays is to hit the beach at Club 55 in St Tropez. Made famous in the 50s by the likes of Brigitte Bardot it is truly the most glamorous beach club in the world and the most fabulous place to sip rose, catch up with friends, followed by a swim in the sea. The most popular dish has to be the enormous artichoke which frequents many a dinner party conversation throughout the Winter months in London, eating it really conjures up everything wonderful about Summer.

Relaxing on the beach afterwards with my friend, fashion fixer Brix Smith Start and her husband Phillip was a perfect end to a perfect holiday. It was so much fun watching the 'fashion show' down the jetty as the glam crowd arrive by boat for lunch. Something for everyone.....kaftans, high heels, denim hot pants, and dresses the size of a t shirt. Inspiration for next Summer.

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