Angela Radcliffe - Your Guide to Ankle Zips

My sister Genevieve (below) rang me from New York the other week with breaking fashion news that all the hip girls in NY were unzipping the zips on their jeans. This was confirmed when I was in LA the other day and the cool girls down Melrose were doing the same, and before I had time to take a breath my fingers were on my zips!

This clever move breathes new life into last season's styles and any jeans you buy this season with ankle zips (there are loads of great ones around) you should open too. Now the weather has finally warmed up it feels lovely having them flapping open and baring a bit of tanned (or fashionably pale like me) leg.

My sister and friend Ivana are both in their J Brand Houlihans and me in my J Brand Agnes and there are plenty of styles to choose from this season if you don't already have a pair with zips.

What are you waiting for.....

Unzip your skinnies now!

Me in J Brand HoulihanIvana in J Brand HoulihanGenevieve in J Brand Houlihan

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