An Introduction to Jeanie Jeans by Donna Ida

I'd like to introduce you to Jeanie.  She's an actual person.  Jeanie has been a customer at Donna Ida on Draycott Avenue in Chelsea since the day our doors opened in 2006.  Jeanie's a lover of a high waisted jean and is always looking for that perfect fit.  Every time she comes in we search for high waisted cigarette leg jeans for her, and it was in the search for this mythical jean that Jeanie eventually said to me 'I don't know why you don't just make them yourself Donna'.  So I did, just for Jeanie, and I called the high waisted cigarette leg after the woman who wanted it the most.  Here's Jeanie, the High Top Cigarette by IDA, and here's Jeanie, the woman!

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