An East London Night Out

Brix Smith and Philip Start who are undoubtedly the King and Queen of cool in East London, organised a fun evening at Hoi Poiloi the new hip restaurant in Shoreditch. Our friends Bill Granger (my favourite cook in the world) and his lovely wife Natalie also joined us.

The restaurant was packed with cool fashion boys and girls, and literally everyone was in denim of some description. There were Country and Western looks, tartan jeans, gothic black jeans with chains and tattoos, lots of denim shirts and trilbys, leather jeans in every colour and on men as well as the girls. Not to mention a lot of double denim.

East London is so effortlessly cool, individual and very inspirational.  Not a heel in sight just a lot of flat brogues, trainers and biker boots.

What did our party wear? Jeans of course, all of us!

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From left to right: Philip Start, Colin Radcliffe, Brix Smith, Natalie Granger, Angela Radcliffe, Bill Granger.

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