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Amanda Kyme is a Celebrity and VIP Relations Specialist who works internationally with luxury and high street brands to create influential campaigns that build brands by connecting clients with high profile celebrities and opinion formers. Here we catch up with Amanda on classic denim, life in lockdown and her love of Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Donna Ida: Tell us your biggest lockdown achievement.

I have been doing some home DIY! I've been painting all the inside frames of my cottage windows!

amanda kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida: If you could be locked down with anyone – not including your friends and family who would it be and why?

Frank Sinatra. I love his music, it brings so many happy memories to me when my Mother was alive so it's super comforting and he led such an interesting life I’m sure he would be amazing to spend time with. I have a zillion coffee table books about him and collected some black and white photography of him including a couple of Terry O’Neill ones.

amanda kyme donna ida style insider
Donna Ida: Show us your favourite ‘moment’ in your home. What do you look at every day that makes you happy, it can be a thing, a person, or just a corner of your home.

My bedroom. I have visited a place called Sunnylands in Palm Springs on a few occasions. It was the Winter residence of Walter and Leonore Annenberg. He was a philanthropist, businessman, investor and diplomat and was the American Ambassador to the UK 1969 to 1974 and commissioned the house in the 1960s. When him and his wife died the house was gifted to Palm Springs by the family and you can tour it with a spectacular view of the mountains. The bedroom had amazing yellow wallpaper that felt so uplifting and happy. When I bought my cottage in Hampshire I wallpapered my bedroom in yellow and I find it such a comforting peaceful room that reminds me of Palm Springs which I love.

amanda kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida: We all buy beautiful clothes, handbags and accessories that we love but never seem to use. Let’s see your top 3 – styled if you can!

Actually having been in lockdown in the country, most of my key fashion pieces are in London so have been styling flowers mostly from my cutting garden. I have a beautiful gold dress from Tory Burch I have worn only a couple of times but it makes me feel super special.

amanda Kyme donna ida style insider

amanda kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida:  Can we see your daily denim – what jeans are you wearing all the time right now.

Classic Levi’s 501.

amanda Kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida: If you could design a Donna Ida jean/jumpsuit or ready to wear item what would it be called? We usually name the denim after girls that Ida would like to hang out with, and the name the ready to wear pieces after the way they make you feel.

The Lauren after Lauren Hutton, I loved her whole look in the 70s.

amanda Kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida: What is the first thing you’ll do when you get out?

Visit my family. I have ten brothers and sisters but have been in lockdown alone so looking forward to seeing them all at some time or another.

amanda Kyme donna ida style insider
Donna Ida: We’ll all get back to the airport at some point, when you do, what is the destination that will be on your boarding pass?

Los Angeles and Palm Springs are my happy places to stay with my friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard who owns an iconic mid-century home there, which was previously owned by Roger Moore in the 70s.

amanda Kyme donna ida style insider

Donna Ida: Before we go, can you share a photo of your lockdown companion if you are lucky enough to have some!

Sadly I didn’t have one, I'm ‘home alone'.

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