All-Year Cashmere

Cashmere has become big news - huge!  It's as much a staple in your wardrobe now as underwear, no longer referred to in whispered tones lest those who are wearing a common mix, or worse, wool, might hear.  No, cashmere has even made it to the high street in all its washable glory.  And quite right too, this super soft and luxuriously wearable staple is so great it should be available at all price points.  I wear cashmere constantly and ALWAYS with jeans.  They're like peas and carrots, the perfect companions.

IDA Parklife Dazzler Boyfriend Shorts, Weekend in Paris Sailor Stripe Jumper, Donna Ida, fashion IDA Parklife Dazzler Boyfriend Shorts and Weekend in Paris Sailor Stripe Jumper

Duffy is one of the newest cashmere brands on the block, and if you love a square boxy shape or cool features like their signature side split then this brand is for you. Also try New York brand Minnie Rose with their signature Ruffle Shawls which are a travel essential or their Pow Wow Knits for a flattering relaxed shape. 360 Sweater is my go-to brand for fresh new colours, fall in love with the Gia shape which has a pleat detail at the back. This season in Laser Lemon - fabulous!

Instagram - @marygraceswim 360 Sweater in Laser Lemon Instagram - @marygraceswim 360 Sweater in Laser Lemon


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Written by Donna Ida Thornton Jean Queen of Donna Ida and blogger for The Huffington Post.

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