A Morning in the Life of Donna Ida

My twitter friend @junosayshello asked me last week how I get up so early each day and suggested I write a blog outlining my morning routine.  It reminded me of when I was growing up and I could never eat my dinner, but my sister always did.  I tried so hard to match her mouthful for mouthful and try to keep up.  God how I WISH that was the case now.  So if you need some morning inspiration, read on!

A morning in the life of Donna Ida:


I wake up.  I'm always ahead of the alarm.  I think my body instinctively doesn't like a fright so wakes up before it can go off.


I turn off my first alarm just before it goes off, and spend the next ten minutes checking emails/twitter/instagram.


I turn my second backup alarm off about a second before it sounds.  Get up - I don't hesitate or 'lie there' just in case I suddenly nod off again.


Turn on BBC World News, put on Mou boots and dressing gown (sexy) and let my two Chihuahuas Romeo and Julio out of the kitchen.  By this time they're literally throwing themselves against the door desperate to be released.  I walk them around for about 5 minutes - just long enough for them to perform their morning ablutions and have a sniff about before going back upstairs for breakfast.


Feed Romeo and Julio and then myself.  I either have porridge (which I soak the night before - delicious!) or scrambled eggs with rye toast.  I eat while I'm watching the news and pacing between the bathroom and my dressing room.


The next ten minutes is spent finishing breakfast, having an espresso or two, showering, and doing 100 squats in front of the TV.  That's my 2012 thing - 100 squats every morning.


Pull on the outfit I decided on the night before.  If I haven't picked a whole outfit I'll at least know in my head half of what I plan to wear.  I hate standing there not having a clue - it wastes so much time and always makes for a bad outfit.  Even if you just decide on one item to wear the night before it makes dressing so much easier.


Brush teeth, check hair and kiss Bobby Dazzler goodbye (what's the point of leaving the house that early if you're not going to disturb the person you live with?!)


Pull out of driveway.  If I'm not in the car and driving by this point I'm going to hit traffic and be late.

6.40am - 7am 

Arrive at Starbucks on Sloane Avenue, pick up a black Grande Americano and drive on to the office in Belgravia.  And the day begins!

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