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A couple of weeks ago we had an event at our Guildford boutique with stylist Georgie Pincus @streetstylistuk.  Georgie brought along lots of her friends and clients for a day of styling assisted by a Donna Ida sweet shop and Jax Coco @jaxcoco.  One of Georgie's clients is personal trainer Philly Campbell who came in to try on the latest styles from J Brand.  One look at her guns and tight buns and I had her out of her J Brand 811 skinnies and into the more appropriate J Brand Aidan boyfriend to show me some of her moves.  On the spot she gave me what she calls the 100 Workout.  You work your way down from 100, doing 100 of the slightly easier exercises and down to fewer repetitions on the trickier ones.  I have yet to do it, but I'm going to start this regime when I go to Barbados next week.  By the time I'm back in London I predict I'll look like Philly!  Here's Philly's email address if you want to contact her, philly@yummi-scrummi.co.uk.  The name says it all.

100 jumping jacks

90 normal squats

80 sit ups - knees bent and remember curl!

70 lunges

60 half press ups - on your knees with ankles crossed!

50 wide squats for a tight upper inner thigh :)

40 tricep dips

30 squat jumps

20 weighed twists

10 narrow squats (knees together!)

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