Vita Pilates

My friend Misty drew my attention to Vita Pilates a few weeks ago as she had starting going and it's just around the corner from our boutique in Draycott Avenue, Chelsea. I'd been looking for a good Pilates studio to use for a while and as Vita is all location location location for me I knew I'd have to come up with other excuses not to go. Being neighbourly they invited me in for a free go on the torture beds - sorry, REFORMERS. I was looking forward to it - a nice easy work out on a Saturday morning. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. It was HARD....but good. Matt was the instructor and the slowest counter in the world.  'Just ten more' took at least a minute, while my arms and legs were shaking wildly from the strain. When he knew I was close to packing it in he'd sidle up and say 'don't stop, whatever you do, don't stop'. I wanted to punch him. A good workout is one of those hugely rewarding things though - you think vile thoughts about the instructor the entire time and then immediately after - or for a good week like I did after my 60 minutes of hell with Matt, you ooze gratitude and appreciation and start telling strangers on the street how fabulous it is and they really must go.

And on top of growing taller, developing a hard stomach, lifted bum and improved posture, Vita is a haven of hygiene. The studio is serene and beautiful, and the changing rooms and showers downstairs? I've seen worse in a 5 star hotel - they're amazing!  And if you need just one more's right around the corner from Donna Ida! What else could you want?!

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