SS12 New York Buying Trip - Day Five

Round up day - last chance to get it all in.  So instead of planning my attack (which I did in my head while lying in bed) I met Fiona from Red Ruby Rouge for breakfast at Balthazar on Spring Street.  I was feeling full of cold and ready for the carbs. Like how I threw a bit of bacon in for protein?

Fiona and I exchanged news on what we had seen so far then wished each other luck on the final rounds and we went our separate ways.  I stopped at Kain first - I am passionate about their tees and so are our customers.  So passionate in fact that we now have exclusive collections with them.  The U Neck Bell is my all time favourite tee.  You can't go wrong with it.

The Laundress was up next.  The Laundress has a Denim Wash that is the ONLY product I use when washing my jeans.  It keeps them soft and supple and keeps the stretch in perfect condition.  A bottle last forever and I use it on the whole family's jeans.  They also have a Denim Fresh product which is ideal for using in between washes.  I don't believe in washing your jeans to death, and you shouldn't have to.  Use a little Denim Fresh in between washes!

The rest of my final day was spent scouting the shops.  You can never do enough checking and double checking of what's out there.  And then it was on the plane and back to London.  As is evident, I survived the flight.  And live to sell jeans another day!

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