Seriously mad style alert: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick

Attention fellow lovely denim lovers! Our pretty friend Maddison over at Denimology has got some serious style. Check out her cute review of our Citizens Humanity Avedon Slick Jeans in Rose Quartz.



Today was absolutely beautiful in London! With summer vacation hovering just around the corner I've been dreaming non stop of sunny beaches and palm trees, so the three days of sun we got in London seemed a perfect prelude to the California weather I'm looking forward too. This year has gone by so quickly but I can't say I'm not excited to go back home for a few months after a years absence! What keeps getting lost between my near-constant thoughts of summer and this mad end of the year rush of school work is the fact that the official first day of spring is the 20th of March! While I keep looking ahead towards summer what I should be focusing on is the fact that spring is literally around the corner, and with the weather showing this very long, very cold winter is just about over I'm in quite a hurry to pick up the great new spring trends this season.

One trend that I am all for is the nude and pink hues of denim that have been popping up everywhere, my favourite being this pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick jeans in Rose Quartz. While I wasn't quite sold by the coloured denim trend that has been around for a few seasons now, nor am I an ardent pink fan, for some reason this mauve shade really caught my eye. The jeans themselves are very comfortable, with the stretch and feel of jeggings and the hold of high quality denim. I would recommend however buying a size up, they run quite small and although they do stretch a lot I found a size 26 to be the perfect balance between comfort and a snug fit (whereas a 25 is my usual size).

These trousers really do hug your body but due to the incredibly soft denim (44% rayon, 29% cotton, 25% cupro and 2% polyurethane) it's not a pain but rather a welcome change from your typical pair of jeans. The waistband thankfully does not hug you quite like the legs, and fit snugly without cutting into my sides. I can imagine wearing these all day (and not wanting to take them off) and I think the interesting wash would be able to carry me from day to night. Although I couldn't really imagine wearing them simply to run errands, the muted hue compliments other neutral shades perfectly. I tried on black, white and cream tops but chose this white button down and bronze vest with a black pair of high booty heels to showcase the different colours that make the pink stand out. The jeans have a 7.5" rise and stretched all the way down to my heels, which makes them a perfect pair to wear with pumps or ballet flats.

The Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick jeans in Rose Quartz reviewed here are available from for £205 and if you are interested in other nude coloured jeans for Spring 11 then check out the full range of jeans they offer in that colour.


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