Queen for a Day - Amber Pepper

If I were Queen for a day I’d abolish parliament and bring back divine rule so “one could make fabulously frivolous decisions with no interference!” I’d hold a rather decadent, uber glam palace pub crawl from Buck Palace, to Windsor Castle (via the new beautifully transformed State Apartments in Kensington Palace) ending up in Balmoral for a spot of outdoor pursuits.

I’d instigate a Royal intern scheme, so that everyone could experience the Royal Household- from Butlers to Guards… “How to rock a Busby” would be number one on the agenda!

Finally, I’d make the first Monday of every month a bank holiday- including St Georges Day. With the spare time I had left (a great deal can be achieved in 24 hours…) I’d address the issue of world poverty and re-ignite British industry to be at the forefront of the world’s economy once again.

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