Post-Maternity Jeans

Donna Ida Thornton's expert advice on wearing denim post-pregnancy. Exploring the best solutions for post-maternity weight gain, caesarean scars and achieving maximum comfort with Goldsign Jeans and Paige Denim.

Video transcript:

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton on maternity jeans: 'A lot of people come to us just after they’ve had a baby to find a new pair of jeans, they might be carrying a little bit of extra baby weight or they’ll have a caesarean scar and they don’t want a pair of jeans hitting them right where the scar is. This is the Goldsign Jem Leggings which have a fantastic stretchy waistband so you don’t have to worry about any buttons or zips. A jean that is nice and high-waisted, so if you do have a caesarean scar, it will miss it and hit in at your waist. This is the Paige Skyline. It’s actually a little bit lower at the front than it is at the back so depending on where your scar is, it will probably fit just below it. The key three things to think about is the height, so think about a height that will be good for you and be really comfortable. Think about getting them just firm enough, not so tight you’re uncomfortable but firm because you will be losing weight. Choose a denim that has a nice weight to it, so it’s thick enough to hold you in and gives you a really nice line.'

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