Parisians get many things right. One is bread. Two is the macaron. Three is fashion.


Last week I caught up with California born Paris based super fashion blogger Haleigh Walsworth . She gave me insight into the Parisian Chic street style. Her blog Making Magique features the best trends in fashion, design and decor.

What are your favorite denim brands at the moment? and Why?

I absolutely LOVE Current Elliot. The boyfriend cuts are genius, as the shape is small enough in the waste that you can get a loose relaxed fit without sagging! The washes are gorgeous and the denim is so soft and just perfectly worn in. When you get them its lust at first site, and love at first touch. They are definitely my favorite jeans out there right now.


How are Parisians wearing denim right now and how do you think they wear it differently compared to other nationalities? Are there any denim trends that you have noticed?


The perfect pair of skinny jeans is always a must have in the french woman's wardrobe! Young Parisians pair their favorite jeans with fitted leather jackets known as the "perfecto" and short moto boots or lace up wedges that are trendy at the moment. The more sophisticated Parisian crowd wears their favorite skinny jeans with a classic blazer and feminine scarf with ballerina flats or tucked into riding boots. Parisian style is traditionally classic, sophisticated, and polished so the high waisted silhouettes fit well into daily Parisian style. More and more however I think something a bit edgier and more rock n' roll, like American Retro's style, is becoming a signature Parisian look. Distressed denim and looser boyfriend cut jeans relax the Parisians day to day style with just the right amount of cool for a sort of bourgeois rebel look.

What are you favorite places to check out street style in Paris?


During fashion week the place to see the most incredible street style is definitely the Tuileries or Place Vendome, where fashion's elite hang out after the runway shows. On the regular, the Marais is the best place to spot stand out street style, as the fashion forward flock here on the weekends to shop Paris' coolest boutiques and vintage shops.



What do you like the most about Parisian fashion and what is one thing that you think makes it unique?



When it comes to Parisian fashion, I respect the value that is placed upon investing in quality classic wardrobe items, for example the right pair of designer jeans or a high end purse. She wears these sort of beautiful basics all the time, mixed with just the right amount of trends to look in style but effortlessly so. It's this delicate balance between quality classics, and hyped trends that french women are regarded amongst the worlds best dressed.


Who is your style icon? And if you could be invisible for a day who would you be and what would do and why?
My style icon is Brigitte Bardot. In her hay day Bardot had this incredible way of sharing her femininity and sex appeal without being vulgar, even if she did push the envelope of the era.


 In retrospect, I think we take her style for granted, but at the time she was leading a liberation, a rebellion against codes and expectations that women were supposed to follow, like get married, settle down, and be a housewife. She wanted to play like the guys, live freely and do as she pleased with no apologies, and her style always followed suit, as it was here who really created this hippie deluxe look that is still so relevant in fashion today.

What is your fashion must have item you can't live without?
Definitely the perfect pair of high waisted skinny jeans in dark denim! I definitely wear a lot of dresses which is fun but can be limiting when styling. But there is nothing like finding the perfect pair of jeans for your fit, and how when you do the wardrobe possibilities with them are endless. All the layers of different tops, sweaters, to mix and pair with them, different belts, wearing them cuffed, or rolled, or straight. Without my favorite jeans I am sort of lost in my wardrobe!


To read about haleigh and her take on french fashion check out making magique

photos by erin barry

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