I've Got A New Boyfriend

You would think it's easy enough to make a pair of jeans - they're all pretty much the same, 5 pockets, blue.... made of denim.  But they're not, they're vastly different, and the smallest change can make or break a style.  With that in mind, I'm always on the lookout for that little something that makes me go 'ah, yes, I like this'.  And I had that moment on Saturday when I went to see Stella McCartney's mainline collection in Paris.  There was a lot of cool things.  She does this high waisted wide leg, which I love, and so do our customers.  It's in the collection again, which is great news.  But even better news is the new boyfriend style I spotted.  It's the RIGHT shade of blue, with the perfect amount of shading on the thighs and it had a great high waist, so you can wear it pulled up and belted, like an old pair of Levis but a thousand times better.  Stella wore them to the show - she's obviously as keen as I am.

There was this super cute little chambray dress too, and a jumpsuit that is SO Alexa Chung.  And then there's the scarves.  The scarves!!  We're spoilt for choice with the great pyjama spot print from the show, but my real favourite is the paisley print.  I jumped on it shouting 'ah! Paisley!’ and the girls looked at each other and said 'the English love paisley'.  Australians too :)

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