Introducing Levi's Curve ID

After heavy investment in the biggest piece of global ‘fit’ research on women in recent years, Levi’s®, the inventor of denim jeans, is launching LEVI’S CURVE ID. This intensive global study of 3D body scans of 60,000 women has identified three distinct body shapes that account for 80% of women across the world. This pioneering research has helped Levi’s to develop groundbreaking custom fits for women. Levi’s Curve ID is the
most modern and feminine fitting collection of jeans in the world.

Levi’s global team of designers, ‘fit’ technicians, pattern cutters, denim experts and style leaders are launching a brand new collection of world-class fits that will change the way women feel about jeans, forever. For the first time, jeans have been designed around real women’s bodies and will be available only from Levi’s. Created by the inventor of denim jeans, each style has been crafted and cut in the most premium denim. These are the fits
every woman has been waiting for. Levi’s Curve ID celebrates shape not size. Defined into three distinct curves (fits) - Slight, Demi and Bold. Women will no longer be defined by waist size.

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