International Women's Day - Who Inspires Me

For International Women's Day on 8th March 2018, we wanted to celebrate the most inspirational people in our lives. We asked a few of our fashion friends to tell us which women inspire them.

"I always keep strong women in my mind day to day to lift me up and be my shining lights.  I often think of Elizabeth Taylor and her famous saying; “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” I tell myself that all the time and remind myself how lucky I am in so many ways. I am also surrounded by the most amazing group of girls, close female friends, family, customers, fellow retailers and all the Donna Ida girls who I love being around.  They constantly inspire me and keep me moving forward in a positive and loving way.  Having that support, that constant virtual hug, is just so important to me.  I’m not ashamed to say that I need it and appreciate every encouraging word. Girls I love you all!" Donna Ida Thornton, CEO DONNA IDA 

"Helena Morrissey - I think any woman who has managed to reach the dizzy heights of City CEO, has a brood of nine beautiful, talented children and a wonderful husband who has decided to let her reach her goals whilst he nurtures the home and their family is worthy of all our awe.  She even dresses like a total fashionista…  Helena I’m sure feels stretched a lot of the time but from the little I have witnessed she manages her time with the genius of a dedicated perfectionist.  I think it is her children that really make her star shine so brightly.  Nine children??? Oh did I mention she even managed to pen a terrific powerful guide to women called “A Good Time to be A Girl”… I am just reading it and waiting for my lightbulb moment…." Tamara Beckwith The Little Black Gallery 

"Iris Apfel inspires me because she shows that style and fashion is all about having fun. I wish we would all stop taking ourselves so seriously and just wear what truly inspires us, no matter age, gender or background." Tess Montgomery Follow Tess on Instagram


"My true inspiration in life will always be my Nan, I have been asked this question before in previous interviews and I will always have the same answer- her. She sadly passed away just last month but I know she will always live in me. She was a true fashionista, had a passion for life and always loved looking good. She was the one woman I always looked up to, we were great friends and I loved her approach to life and I really hope that I carry this on throughout mine. I could have easily answered with the name of a celebrity or someone in the public eye but I truly believe that family/friends are the ones who influence you in your life. My answer to this question will never change just because she is no longer here." Amy Neville Follow AmyNevFashionDiaries on Instagram & YouTube.


"Judy Dench constantly inspires me as watching her on stage gives me goose bumps . My mama inspires me too for her kindness and unconditional love." Marissa Montgomery

"My Mum inspires me because........everyday she is there for me, a mothers love is unconditional. Mum has always been my muse, and has constantly inspired me by the way she organised our home, raised a family, got a degree, and worked. Juggled everything successfully while always looking so chic." Angela Radcliffe (left) of Radcliffe Sciamma Stylists  Follow on Instagram  
"Jane Birkin is for me an beautiful woman who knew how to raise children and had a very creative life, being a muse, and also coming for England and became an icon leaving in Paris! Her aptitude to be a strong and natural woman inspires me! Her simplicity, her beauty, her own essence, her purity ,and the innocence of that women inspires me everyday in my life. Nowadays women all look like the same with their surgery and make up, Jane is just a real beautiful woman inside and out!" Caroline Sciamma Follow on Instagram  
"Both our mums inspire us as they passed onto us our 'can-do’ attitudes that we live by! We have learnt from them to give things a go and that nothing is impossible!” Alice & Hannah of Belle & Bunty  Follow on Instagram



"My friends Holly (Pamelone) and Jo (Joubi Jewellery) inspire me because they too have their own brands and are so unbelievably hard working. We also support each other and congratulate too, which is so important for women to empower each other!" Rosie Fortescue. See more Rosie Fortescue Jewellery.

"Eva Chen is massive girl boss hero of mine. I love that she's a fashion queen-meets-social wizard (plus mum of two) - and she always does it with a wicked sense of humour. I mean, how many people can say they have their own insta hashtag for good shoe game?! #evachenpose" Lisa Haynes Follow Lisa on Instagram.

"The Queen inspires me because of her enduring commitment to her role, her dignity and her unique sense of style." Rosie Nixon, Editor-in-Chief of HELLO  Follow Rosie on Twitter & Instagram

"Daniela Neuman, my friend for over 15 years, has always inspired me. Not only is Dani an amazing Mother and friend, she is MD at Spun Gold. I love my chats my Dani, they are always thought provoking, fun, creative and she is always on hand with sound advice. I absolutely love her recent project which is an app called My Dilemma. Where a Dilemma shared is a Dilemma solved - basically what we have been doing for each other for years! To join in our conversation download from the App Store now," Donna Air. Follow Donna on Instagram, Twitter. 

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