IDA TV - How to wear boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are easier to wear than you may think -- designed as a loose, laidback style, it suits most body types, and heights too (simply adjust the cuff as needed!).
Boyfriend jeans look best low slung, either with a slim or baggier fit depending on body type (and whether you are conscious about your thighs or not).
Whilst this style generally looks best in lighter washes, don't be afraid to play around with colour either; the relaxed nature of the boyfriend jean makes it the perfect denim piece to have fun with.

Video Transcript; "Boyfriend jeans have become really popular in recent seasons. There's a really good reason for that too. They are a traditional summer jean. They're very easy to wear, and even curvier girls love them because they aren't so tight on the leg; they're nice and nonchalant; you can belt them; and you don't feel too constricted in them. Denim companies have even started playing with some of the fabrications. They even come in Japanese denims and twills, so they become more of a chino. Regarding the length, you can role it up; you can wear it down; you can turn it up once; it doesn't really matter. It just depends on how you feel comfortable, the footwear you want to wear it with, and how you want to wear your boyfriends."

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