How to Wear Kate the Flare Jeans like Kate Moss

Kate Donna Ida
The wait is over! Kate in Can I Be You has been on pre-order for weeks but now she can be yours right away. We won't be re-issuing Kate in this wash, so don't delay.
Donna Ida Kate


Tall or short, read our top tips to make Kate work for you. Jean queen Donna Ida explains the inspiration behind Kate:

Kate was created by that image of Kate Moss when she went to the Topshop show wearing the Chloe jeans. I wanted that look, but they're quite a narrow jean. Not that many people can wear that really narrow sort of look, unless you've got really slim legs (which I don't), so we made it wider.

We have patch front pockets, we have a much higher waist, which is very flattering. I'm all about the high waist. The height of the back gives you the most amazing posture. It also has a little leather back patch.
kate jeans donna ida flares
It just feels incredible: the denim has 1% stretch, so it holds you right in. There's a little bit of shading on the front. Try popping on a belt to complete the look. It's so spring, so 70s, just so perfectly fresh for coming to the new season. I've always loved this look.

I'm short 5"2', these are 33 inches inseam. I can wear them with a big old heel on. So, if you're short like me, I would really encourage you to keep the length, because I think it looks amazing, but you can always just chop them off and wear with trainers or a lower heel.

If you're taller, and you want to wear them with flats, they'll be the perfect length. If you are taller and want to wear them with a heel, just unpick the hem, release it, and you'll get an extra two inches.

So don't worry about the length so much. Just make it work for you.

Donna Ida Kate


Kate's leg widens from the thigh to a true flare, finishing at a 32 inch inside leg. It's the perfect middle of the road length to appeal to everyone.


If you’re already catwalk-model tall (lucky you!), you can release the hem for an extra inch and a half of length.
denim jeans flares
Watch Donna Ida style Kate jeans here:

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