Hemming Jeans: Frequently Asked Questions

Hemming jeans is a common alteration that can improve the fit of your denim. In this blog, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about hemming jeans to help you gain a better understanding.

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Can I hem any style?

Yes from skinnies to cigarette leg to flares and jumpsuits, you can alter any denim style. Alterations are really common and include hemming, tapering or even taking in on the waist.

Why should I hem my jeans?

Hemming your jeans allows you to customise the length to suit your height and preferred style. It ensures a better fit, prevents excessive fabric dragging on the ground, and enhances the overall appearance of your jeans.
Can I add length to my jeans?

We always suggest you can add an inch to your jeans by unpicking the hem on your jeans and releasing the hem.
How do I know how much to cut off?

We recommend speaking to an expert who can advise on exactly where to alter your jeans. As a general guideline, jeans should typically skim the top of your shoes or have a slight break where the fabric meets the floor.
Should I alter my jeans to suit flat shoes or heels?

We recommend picking a shoe to alter your jeans to the perfect length for. Take the shoes with you and the jeans can be pinned to the perfect length for those shoes.
Can I hem jeans myself?

Yes, you can hem jeans yourself at home but we do recommend an expert for a perfect fit.
Can I cut my own jeans if I want an unfinished hem frayed hem?

You can always customise your own jeans but be careful to cut the hems at small increments so that you don’t cut too much off.
What stitch should I use for hemming jeans?

When using a sewing machine, you can choose a stitch that closely resembles the original hem. 
How can I make sure it looks exactly like the original hem?

If your jeans have a large turn up or contrast stitching, you can ask your seamstress for an original hem. This technique can help maintain the factory-finished look.
What if I make a mistake while hemming my jeans?

Mistakes can happen, even to experienced sewers. If you make an error, you can undo the stitching using a seam ripper and start over. Take your time, and don't be discouraged. Practice makes perfect!
Should I wash my jeans before hemming them?

It is recommended to wash your jeans before hemming them, especially if they are brand new. Washing helps remove any sizing or shrinkage, ensuring the final hem length remains consistent after laundering.
Can I hem jeans with embellishments or thick seams?

Hemming jeans with embellishments or thick seams may require additional care and attention so definitely speak to an expert. 
If you have jeans you’d like to hem, chat to our recommended expert Sarah on  sarah@theartisanseamstress.co.uk

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