Double Denim according to The Guardian

The Guardian have gone big on denim and issued the Rules of Double Denim:

1) No belt, please. With a belt, the look that you were hoping projected Paris catwalk insouciance becomes unreconstructed Idaho truck driver.

2) You need contrast in colour: One piece should be a darker-hued denim. You might want this on your bottom half, darker colours being more slimming, but beware: a pale denim shirt can wash out your skintone.

3) Don't go with a very fine chambray shirt with a very heavy denim jean. That's not double denim, that's cheating, and it doesn't have the right impact.

4) Break up the heaviness of the look with something light and feminine: the strap of a fabulous Chloé or Mulberry cross-body handbag, perhaps; or a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings; or wear the shirt open one extra button to show off a tiny glimpse of a pretty camisole.

5) Roll your sleeves up and highlight bare wrists with a bracelet or a cocktail ring.

6) Finally, no cowboy boots. Keep feet semi-naked in ballet pumps or a pretty flat sandal.

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