Donna = Tortoise

It has just come to my attention that I've been missing out on something BIG TIME. I've been looking at the Hare & Tortoise restaurants for years now but have never had the presence of mind to go in. Well, silly silly me (shakes head sadly). It's only the best cut price sushi I've ever had! I say it's cut price - I have no idea really but dinner for two is about £25 and that sounds quite cheap to me. And delicious. Bring on the soft shell crab hand rolls, the dragon rolls, the vegetarian duck rolls, the maki, the tempura! Heaven.

You can eat in but I do takeaway, and when they say it'll be ready in 10 minutes they mean 10 minutes. Not 9, not 11 - 10. You could set your watch by this efficient bunch.

I know I was kind of slow to the party but from now on the Hare & Tortoise is going to be keeping this tortoise out of Pizza Hut.

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