Donna Ida reviews Invisalign with Smiles By Jasmine

Jean Queen Donna Ida reviews Invisalign with Smiles By Jasmine.
Donna Ida
I’ve been trying Invisalign with Smiles By Jasmine so here’s my experience so you can decide if it is right for you.

I had lunch with my friend Lisa Snowdon in between the lockdowns last year. And I said to her, 'oh my God, your teeth are so straight'.

She said Smiles By Jasmine had really helped her and hooked me up with her. I do have straight teeth, but they were starting to move a bit. Then lockdown came along and suddenly we started doing Zoom calls all the time, I really noticed it even more.

My bottom teeth weren't as straight as they could be and one at the front was slightly not as long as the other one.

Invisalign with Smiles By Jasmine

I visited Smiles By Jasmine and we decided to go with Invisalign first. Then we'll do a little bit of bonding to make them the right length. And before that, we’ll do a bit of bleaching.

I was curious to see how long it would take and she said around six months. So we would be finished around April-May 2021. She doesn't really like to overpromise and underdeliver. So it’s now the end of February and I’m way ahead of where I thought I was going to be.

I started with Invisalign, I went ahead and had it fitted in the first week of December, you keep them in around 20 hours a day. I was really religious with them, I took them out only to eat.

I then go brush my teeth and put them back in as soon as I possibly can. I actually quite like having them and I'm really secure with them. I was changing them every fortnight for the first couple of months through from December to January.

Then when we were halfway through January I changed them once a week. So now it’s the last couple of days in February and I've only got one of the top two to do. And then two more of the bottom ones to do. And then we move on to the bleaching and do the bonding.

But it has been honestly the most incredible experience. She's the nicest, most gentle kindest dentist I've ever come across. And I'm really happy I can actually really see the difference. I feel like I'm in the best hands.

So, I'm really grateful to Lisa for introducing me to her. It's different for everybody, but it has been for me, a great experience really quick, easy, and not painful at all.

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