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For this Style Insider, Jean Queen Donna Ida chats with Amanda Caroline Cronin
on Sloane Square in Chelsea. 

Amanda is a Luxury Beauty Expert and founder of Amanda Caroline Cronin Skincare. She hosts The Millionaires and Me on Channel 4.
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
Amanda Caroline Cohen in Cassandra The Flared Jumpsuit in Fawcett Blue
DONNA IDA: What are your wardrobe essentials and how do you wear your jeans?

Amanda: Cassandra jumpsuits! I have one in every colour. Also high-waisted jeans.
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
DONNA IDA: Which are your favourite jeans from our shoot and why?

Amanda: Minnie high waisted flares in black and denim.
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline

DONNA IDA: Why do you think jeans are such an iconic item?

Amanda: They're classic (like me!) and timeless.
Donna Ida Amanda Caroline
DONNA IDA: Who is your denim icon?

Amanda: Ali McGraw in the film Love Story.

DONNA IDA: Who are your favourite influencers to follow on Instagram for inspiration?

Amanda: They're all personal friends! Lisa Snowdon for wellness fashion, my daughter Sofia Yeganeh for art fashion, Chloe Sims for makeup, Trinny London for make-up and Meredith Marks for jewellery.

Follow Amanda on Instagram here.

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