Alteration Service

If your jeans are near perfect, then an alteration could be the finishing touch to achieve that perfect fit. We recommend you visit a DONNA IDA boutique if possible so your jeans can be pinned by a denim specialist. We offer an extensive alteration service through our boutiques as below.



Premium denim is usually offered in just one leg length. We offer a tailoring service to alter your jeans to the correct leg length using either the original hem or by creating a new finish. With skinny jeans, unless they are very long it is often easy to leave them at the original length and style them by scrunching the additional fabric at the ankle. If you have skinny jeans with an ankle zip, we can also hem these styles. If you would like to hem another style of jean such as a flare, bootcut or straight leg, we recommend you take the shoes or approximate heel height with you when you visit one of our boutiques or a specialist tailor to have your jeans altered.

The approximate time to hem jeans is two days.

Hem £15 | Hem with Ankle Zips £20


Visit a DONNA IDA Boutique and our in-house denim expert will rip and distress your jeans to your personal specifications. We also offer iron-on badges in iconic retro inspired designs to add that finishing touch.

Denim Customisation £15 | Iron-on Patches £5 each


If the pockets at the front of your jeans feel bulky, we offer a service to have these removed. This service is popular with white jeans, where pockets can be visible through lighter fabrics.

The approximate time to remove pockets is two days.

Pocket Removal £7


If you choose a style of skinny jeans that does not have ankle zips and you would like to have these added, we can provide this service. We can also remove ankle zips if you choose a style with ankle zips but you prefer a simpler look. We also offer a price to
combine both the ankle zip and hem alteration if you would like to choose both services.

The approximate time to add or remove zips is three days.

Ankle Zip Insert £35 | Ankle Zip Insert with Hem £40


If your jeans are almost perfect but the waistband is a little looser or tighter than you would like, we can tailor this to suit you. We also offer a price to combine both the waist and hem alteration if you would like to choose both services.

The approximate time to alter waists is four days.

Waist Alteration £25 | Waist and Hem Alteration £35


Tapering is a great way to change the leg of the jeans to fit you perfectly. Tapering can be used to alter the whole leg or just from the knee if you prefer. Please note that we can only taper jeans from a wider to a slimmer leg. For example, we can taper a straight
leg jean to a cigarette leg jean, or a cigarette leg jean to a skinny jean.

The approximate time to taper jeans is three days.

Full Tapering £35 | Half Tapering £25


Premium denim, when properly cared for, should last for many years. If you have a pair of jeans that you love which have developed holes or rips in the knees, between the thighs, or in the seat, we can patch these for you. We also recommend you care for your jeans using Denim Wash by The Laundress.

The approximate time to patch jeans is three days. 

Patching jeans £20 per patch

Maternity Alterations

If you are pregnant and would like to keep wearing your favourite jeans during pregnancy, we can alter your jeans by adding stretch panels into the waistband to become maternity jeans. The alteration service can be used on new jeans, or a pair of existing jeans from pre-pregnancy, ensuring the perfect fit. Not in all cases but sometimes, the process can be reversed post-pregnancy where jeans can be altered back to their original shape. We recommend tailoring jeans for pregnancy from four months into the pregnancy.

The approximate time to tailor maternity jeans is one week.

Maternity Alteration £40 (each way)

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