The CRAFT of Kate Moss


Check out Graziadaily's discovery of the new CRAFT Jean by Kate Moss! Genius idea CRAFT! Even our Dad’s know that Kate Moss has inspired many a designer, photographer and trend phenomenon in her time. And when we heard from the man behind super-cool denim label C.R.A.F.T, Michael Kopplstatter, that his latest collection is inspired by no other than La Moss and that she’s barely been seen out of her two pairs of jeans from said label since February (well, we’re sure will have done now and then, but you get what we mean) we couldn’t help but enjoy the irony. Kate Moss wearing a collection inspired by Kate Moss! And it’s not her own Kate Moss collection! See? Her top two pairs of jeans are some grey skinnies called Ash Nervous Breakdown and a pair of biker jeans called Hells Angel.

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