Betty: The Best Culotte Jeans

Jean Queen Donna Ida introduces us to Betty, the newest addition to the Donna Ida range.

She is a cutest little thing. The Ida brand was named after my grandmother and I always name the jeans after the kind of girls that she would hang out with.
Betty Culotte Jeans
This is Betty, she's the really sweet, reliable girl next door. She always looks gorgeous, always cute and put together.

Betty is a little bit generous through the thigh, so it's not grabbing your legs. 
Betty Donna Ida

It has a raw hem so it just gives it that bit of edge and it has the little leather patch on the back pocket. Betty is nice and high with a curved waistband which is essential to fit nicely at the back.

This is my normal size and you can see it fits a little bit looser on the leg. I’ve teamed them with a chic black statement shoe and it would look great with heels too.

Watch Donna Ida explain how to wear high waisted culottes on YouTube:

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